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Greening Services

South Africa is part of many countries with environmental legislations which are aligned to programmes that assist with challenges of sustainable development and have a Greening Framework approved by the country and also aligned to National Development Plan and we offer the following services under this programme:
  • Waste Management Strategy
  • Communication Strategies
  • Responsible Tourism
  • Water Resources Management
  • Rehabilitation of land
  • Planting of Trees and protection of natural environmental


Any development that has activities, structures and associated structurers listed under the National Environmental Management Act 2014 requires an Environmental Authorisation before commencement. Our role is to apply for environmental authorisation here are process we do:
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Basic Assessment
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Coordination of Specialists Studies

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the key drivers of environmental challenges faced by the whole world. Human activities have played a role in impacting on the climate over the years. A lot of programmes have been suggested to enhance the management of human activities. Over the years Tshikovha Environmental and Communication Consulting provides the following services to assist with reduction of impacts onto the environment:
  • Environmental Awareness focusing on human activities and impacts
  • Rehabilitation of contaminated land using technology and physical involvement of communities
  • Management of water resources through education and community involvement
  • Wetland rehabilitation using communities
  • Food Safety through implementation of agricultural projects and protection of natural environment
  • Social Impact Studies in mining and community projects
  • Reduction of carbons through rehabilitation of carbon contaminated soils

Communication and Training

Communication is a science we believe in. There should be no projects for the people without community aware of the project and the benefits thereof. Our approach is guided by science and technique to ensure that there is balance of information and response in order to assist decision makers to understand the relationship of the communities and proponents. We are a link between companies and the environment they operate in. We offer the following services:
  • Communication Plan
  • Public Participation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Socio Economic Framework
  • Public Surveys
  • Social Facilitation and
  • Training (We are accredited on a number of Unit Standard by LG SETA)


  • Environmental Compliance is important and must be
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring
  • Mining Environmental Performance Audit
  • Construction Environmental Compliance
  • Landfill Operational Audits
  • Environmental Legal Registers
  • Water Use Compliance Audit

Strategic Projects

  • Integrated Waste Management Plans
  • Environmental Management Frameworks
  • Strategic Environmental Frameworks
  • Water Management Programmes
  • Social Investment Programmes
  • Social Surveys
  • Disaster Management Plans


  • Geotechnical Studies
  • Biodiversity Studies
  • Water Use Licences
  • Geohydrology

Research Programmes

  • Agricultural researches
  • Climate change researches
  • Water Researches
  • Environmental Researches
  • Investments researches

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